Maintenance Support

One Stop Technology Support

Very often clients don't know where to turn if something goes wrong with their online presence because one vendor party is responsible for programming, another for technical maintenance and a third for hosting. By consolidating your development and hosting solutions under one roof you save on management costs and you ensure that you know who is responsible in case something goes wrong.

Since we only offer hosting to our own clients we can ensure that our resources are not overtaxed and that your hosting is effective and tailored to your needs. We are not a reseller- we run our own hosting operation with our own secure racks administered by in house staff.

Though hosting with us is not required, Systemax clients can take advantage of exclusive shared, dedicated and multi server hosting on our fully maintained dedicated rack space located on top of multiple redundancy internet backbones.

Load Balancing

Complex and popular web applications require advanced hosting solutions. Load balancing allows you to spread your traffic across multiple servers ensuring that neither server's resources are overwhelmed.

Systemax's engineers can configure your MX records to allow for separate e-mail and application server hosting or implementation of proxy spam guard filters.


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