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Controlled Information Management

Intranets help you communicate with your employees. They are used to share internal information and electronic data, manage projects, track progress and exchange ideas.

Extranets help you communicate with your customers. They are optimal for controlled communication with parties external to your organization, particularly clients, vendors or potential partners.

Both are built with the purpose of allowing efficient posting and sharing of controlled information such as sensitive proposal or project information, targeted news, feedback systems, event postings, electronic files, data and other electronic media. Systemax develops custom intranets and extranets that suit your particular needs.

Both intranets and extranets can be built as stand alone applications or complex systems integrated with your website, in-house database and other systems. Our consultants will help you decide on the right solution for you. Our Rainforest platform will enable robust content management of your system as well as complete interoperability with external servers.

Data Security

Data security for intranets and extranets is paramount. We ensure appropriate server side encryption of sensitive information, SSL 128-Bit encrypted logins for both the users and the administrators, multi-level administration control, controlled archiving and other advanced features.


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