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Complex projects require software development vendors who understand the details as well as the big picture.

Systemax recognizes that any programming project is by definition custom and thus must be approached in a unique and organized manner. Implementation success lies in appropriate research, analysis and planning. Without these crucial steps implementation is chaotic, disorganized and leads to cost and time overruns.

We take the time to analyze your project, understand your needs and plan an appropriate implementation approach based on the individual specifics of your custom programming jobs.

Our primary proficiencies include:

• J2EE

We understand how to build complex systems and we appreciate the planning and attention to detail necessary to meet your expectations.

Cost and Time Controls

Clients should expect controls that preclude the possibility of missed deadlines and budget overruns.

In order to provide you with controls over the budgetary and temporal aspects of your solution, Systemax divides projects into milestones and caps the price of each individual component.

Fixed bids provide your company with the security of knowing how much a project's components cost before you commit. The division of projects into individual phases and milestones ensures an appropriate process, efficiency in implementation and fulfillment of deadlines.

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