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Supporting Your Image

Systemax understands the frustration a client may feel when they have great ideas about how they want to be viewed, but the designer takes over the process. This is why we interact so heavily with our clients, making sure that we are all on the same page.

Conversely, there are companies that know that they are great at what they do, but are unable or unfamiliar with how to present themselves to the public. Our Branding and Marketing department will brainstorm and consult with you, until a comprehensive and cohesive Identity Campaign is produced. Alternatively, you can provide us with relevant information about your company's function and goals, and let us present you with our recommended best approach.

Cross-media Marketing

Today's effective marketing utilizes traditional public awareness campaigns such as mail advertising, print materials and product sampling in collaboration with new media such as Business CDs, Interactive Presentations, Online branding with marketing affiliate and banner campaigns. Since we develop all of these products, we are uniquely positioned to help you structure a successful Cross-media Marketing Campaign and provide you with the tools needed to retain control over its content and expense.





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